A journey to become KCSP (Kubernetes Certified Service Provider)

A journey to become KCSP (Kubernetes Certified Service Provider)

Nov 29, 2021·

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CISEL provides consulting on cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes. We design, implement, and operate your Kubernetes solutions.

In this article, we will describe the journey to become a Kubernetes certified service provider with the benefits and a short description of the differents steps to achieve this goal.

Become a member of the LINUX Foundation and the CNCF

Why this approach ?

  • Help in the development of the industry, promoting growth and innovation
  • An opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration with an influential network
  • Is a valuable way to meaningfully enrich knowledge and contribute to the developpment of new resources for everyone

Train your teams to get the Certified Kubernetes administrator (CKA)

To become a KCSP, you will need to have at least 3 certified kubernetes administrator in your team. The exam is not very easy, we strongly recommend to use Kubernetes every day before trying to get the certification.

Become a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

How to become a KCSP ?

  • After being a member of the LinuxFundation and the CNCF
  • Fill out a form to apply to be a KCSP (cncf.io/certification/kcsp)
  • Submit proof that 3 of your employees have passed the CKA

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